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May 16, 2017

How to Stay Safe While Backpacking Across the World

Backpacking is a fantastic low-budget way to experience the world. It’s perfect for people that love to get involved with the culture of the country, and it’s great to see new sights, meet new people and eat some delicious food without having to spend a tonne of money.

However, a lot of people are put off backpacking because of one thing: safety. Unlike package holidays that involve hotels and tourist attractions, backpacking is relatively uncontrolled and it’s easy to get lost, run out of money or run into some nasty locals. If you’re thinking of backpacking or trying it in the future, then here are a couple of tips to help you stay safe.

Plan Your Trip

One of the best things about backpacking is that you’re not limited to what kind of attractions you visit or things you see because you’re essentially just travelling wherever you want. However, it’s still a good idea to have a basic plan outlined so that you don’t get lost in the wilderness on the day of your flight. A great way to plan is to visit travel blogs that match your interests. For example, if you love to try out new food then visit a food travel blog. If you love art and museums, then search for a blog that focuses on that. This way you can outline a couple of must-see destinations and treat those as landmarks, and you can fill in the space between them with anything you want.

Safety First

If you visit a country that you’re not familiar with on the other side of the world, then you need to consider travel insurance and also prepare any kind of vaccinations that are required before entering. There are many travel insurance comparison websites on the internet that you can visit in order to get the best deal. You also want to pack some essentials in your backpack, such as a first aid kit, your medication, and also copies of your passport in case something is stolen.

Money Worries

If you’re going backpacking, then ensure you carry enough money to get you through your trip. A lot of remote places that you go backpacking to won’t have cash machines. When you land, ensure you take out enough money for your needs at the airport and try to avoid carrying too much money and making yourself a target. It’s also a good idea to spread the money around your possessions so that if something is stolen, you won’t be completely out of luck. This is one of the many practical travel tips you should be following if you want to make the most of your backpacking trip.

Travel in Groups

When backpacking, there is always safety in numbers. Travelling alone is a fantastic way to meet new people and make friends, but it also paints a target on your back. If you’re backpacking for the first time, then invite a couple of friends to go with you and share your plan with them in order to convince them to travel with you.

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