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March 29, 2019

Ten things our kids enjoyed in Bohol during our 2 days tour

Bohol is one of the wonderful places in the Philippines that has lots to offer and that is distinct to other tourist spots in the country.  Bohol is located in the West Visayas region of the Philippines. 

Bohol is an island with lots of lush greenery that would capture your heart for your love of nature. Aside from its plentiful nature to boast of, Bohol has also its share of important history in the Philippines that is reminiscent of the Philippines historic past that is being preserved through the iconic historic sites that are also held as Bohol’s tourists' spots.

From our trip to Cebu, we embarked on a Cebu-Bohol Oceanjet ferry that took us 2 hours to the port of Bohol in Tagbilaran, its provincial capital.  Outside the terminal are different modes of land transportation that are available to be hired to any of your destinations.  We took a van that would fit our big family of 7 that includes my 2 kids.

Most of the activities on our first day in Bohol are on a road trip, the second day was Island hopping.  We hired a local tour operator with van inclusive of local tour guide that took us to these destinations that kids loved and enjoyed so much

1.    Encounter with Tarsiers
Encounter with Tarsier

    It was daytime when we visited this place and these cute little primates were sleeping.  These creatures are known to be nocturnal and sensitive to be touched on the head.  We were told not to touch it, as any human touch, especially on their head is detrimental. 

These species can be seen only in Bohol so it should be a must to visit and look at them and remember not to touch them, just take lots of photos with them would be all right.

2.    Chocolate Hills

The view of this chocolate like kisses is awesome when we reached the top of the Tower view. The 360 degrees of exhilarating view of hundred cone-shaped hills can be appreciated once you take a hundred steps above, but the hardship of going to the top to see the magnificent view will perish.  The kids didn’t mind after all, as they were so excited to reach the top and watch the hills in full view.

3.     Loboc River Cruise
River Cruise Bohol

The festive mood, the wide array of Filipino food served on a buffet while on a cruise, the lush greenery that can be viewed on the side and the quaint atmosphere that makes this Loboc River Cruise experience appealed to us and our kids.

4.    Man-made forest
Mahogany trees forest in Bohol

The two-kilometer stretch of Loboc-Bilar road is a picture-perfect backdrop for a picture taking or even a selfie shot.  We stopped over somewhere on the road and have our group photo.  We could admire the tall Mahogany trees, even so, when we had our stop.  The cool temperature made the atmosphere relaxing.

5.    Baclayon church

Church in Bohol

The fascinating interior of the church altar captured the kids' curiosities and they were baffled with amazement

6.    Blood compact shrine
Sikatuna Shrine in Bohol

The life-size statues of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Datu Sikatuna, a priest, a Spaniard and a local person, these people in statue who made this symbolic blood compact in history as their mark of friendship for these two nationality brought has captivate my kids eagerness to learn more about what happened during those times in history.

7.    Swimming at the Resort After our day tour, we went back to our hotel, and there’s still time for the kids to enjoy the pool.  We chose to stay at Bohol Diver’s Resort because they have swimming pools and located near the beach.  The resort has 2 swimming pools. The bigger one is perfect for kids because the deepest part is only 4 feet.  The other pool is 10 feet deep.  

8.    Whale watching

    The following morning at around 7 in the morning, we took a boat going to Balicasag Island.  While we were sailing we witnessed the whales swimming in the beach.

9.    Balicasag Island
Island hopping in Bohol

The white sand beach and clear waters are so enticing not to dip and swim. We also snorkeled in the fish sanctuary. There are boats for rent that took us there where we experienced swimming with the fish.

10.Island hop at Virgin Island
Island in Bohol
We stopped at this marvelous Virgin Island before headed to our hotel in Panglao. Its beauty is really beyond compare, we had nothing to say but admire its magnificent shape with powdery white sand and crystal clear waters that sprawled around this islet.


Day 1
·     From Cebu Port terminal to Bohol Port Terminal via Ferry boat
·     Bohol Port Terminal to Hotel
·     Visit Tarsier 
·     Chocolate Hills
·     Loboc River cruise with lunch
·     Bilar man-made forest
·     Baclayon Church
·     Blood compact shrine
·     Shopping 
·     Back to the hotel for other activities like swimming, spa, dinner or indoor activities.

Day 2
·     Whale and shark watching
·     Swimming & snorkel at Balicasag Island
·     Virgin Island
·     Back to hotel and check-out in the afternoon

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