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October 25, 2019

3 Enchanting Waterfalls Of Luisiana Laguna and How To Get There

3 waterfalls of Luisiana Laguna - Talay falls, Hidden falls and Hulugan falls
Hulugan falls, Hidden falls and Talay falls

Luisiana Laguna is blessed with nice waterfalls that made this quaint province popular to tourists longing to see its hidden gem that lies in the dense forest of this town.  

I am not really into mounting climbing but because of sheer adventure that struck me, I listed my name to join into a group tour.  I already searched about this place and the view tickled my fancy and so that is why I joined in, plus the fact that Laguna is just a few hours from Manila which is also a contributing factor for me to get to try this trekking experience.

The meeting place was 6 am at HM Transit in EDSA, Cubao.  The bus ride from Cubao to Laguna took us 2 hours.  It was a Sunday then and the traffic was fast-moving.  We took a jeep at a terminal which took us about 15 minutes waiting before it was fully packed and moved away.  

The travel was fast and short and we were already at Luisiana proper.  We alighted at the corner of San Salvador along Luisiana highway and walked our way to a near distance where few organizers are waiting for tourists like us who will be trekking for that day.  We paid a minimal environmental fee for each of us 12 persons in the group.  They showed us to either walk our way or take a tricycle to the jump-off point where we have to register and enlist our names.  We all decided to take the convenient way by riding a tricycle so we can start earlier.

The jump-off point is a cozy house with a sari-sari store where you can buy drinks and snacks and they also have pay comfort rooms.  When we met our tour guide we took off immediately.  

There are 3 falls we have to see on this tour, the first fall we visited was a 30 minutes trek from where we took-off.  For me, it was already a challenge as it was a long time ago since I trekked in the forest.  

The trail was muddy and slippery due to the overnight rain that occurred last night, there is man-made bamboo handrail that kept us grounded while descending the trail that will lead us to the first falls.  

We had to stride on the sprawled rocks on the small river to cross it when we were on the other side of the river, we could hear a faint gushing of water coming from a waterfall.


Talay falls Luisiana Laguna

This is the first fall that we encountered and the smallest amongst the 4 falls in Luisiana.  Before we arrived here, just below the falls, we stopped over for our early lunch.  There are man-made bamboo tables and benches where anybody can use them.


Hidden falls Luisiana Laguna

If you want to see this falls there is no other way to reach Hidden Falls than rappel on a big boulder of stone to reach the top where Hidden Falls can be seen.  The climb is short and space is narrow, the climber should be one at a time as there is only one rope to use for climbing and descending the boulder.

Once you get to the top, the mystical Hidden Falls looks so magical that your effort is so worth it.

From afar, we were contented watching and hearing the rippling of water coming on top.  Although it can be reached, we did not get closer because our Tour guide warned us of the difficulty in getting near it as you have to climb the steep solid boulders and there are sharp edge rocks as described by our tour guide.  So we better had to stay safe than risking any untoward incident.


Hulugan falls Luisiana Laguna

Finally, we reached the main event, this majestic falls called Hulugan falls.  The fall is tall and wide, you can swim below the cool embed river or you can just stay below the fall and feel the gushing of water on your head and shoulders.  We stayed there and enjoy its entirety for 2 hours.  The area is secluded with nothing more but nature that surrounds it.  


Getting to Luisiana Falls Via Van Transport:

Due to the popularity of Hulugan falls nowadays, there are Tour operators and Travel agencies offering this day tour activity all year round.  You just have to check on their available schedules.  Most of the van can accommodate a maximum of 12 persons per tour. In Metro Manila, the most common meet-up places are Farmers Cubao, Centris Quezon Avenue, Greenfield EDSA Central Mandaluyong and Mall of Asia Manila. 

This is convenient, economical and less hassle.  The Tour operator will collect your payment and make the arrangements and all you have to do is meet with your assigned local tour guide there.

Manila Van Transport route is via South Luzon Expressway, all the way to Sta. Cruz Laguna and Luisiana-Cavinti Road.

Getting to Luisiana Falls by public transport:

1.    Ride a bus from Cubao or Buendia (HM Transport or JAC Liner) to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.  
2.    From Sta. Cruz Laguna, ride a jeepney going to Luisiana.  The jeepney route will take the National Highway going to Rizal Street, Pagsanjan Town until you reach Pagsanjan-Cavinti Road.  The jeepney will take the right turn going to Luisiana-Lucban Road.  Drop-off at San Salvador Road.  There is a metal ark of San Salvador on the right, a waiting shed and the signage of Hulugan falls at the corner that you should not miss.
3.    Take a few minutes to walk and ride a tricycle going to the drop-off point.

Going to Luisiana falls on public transport is more flexible in your time, as you have to set your schedule and time when you want to get there.  You have also the privilege to visit the town proper and nearby towns like Pagsanjan and Cavinti.

Going to Luisiana Falls by private car 
Whether you will rent a car, van or using your car, the route will either be through South Luzon Expressway, that is the Bus or jeep route or you may travel via the Rizal route. 

Taking the Rizal route will start from Antipolo then Theresa, and Pililia all the way to the last town, which is Tanay, Rizal.  Adjacent to it is Liloan Laguna, just take the Lumban road that will lead to Cavinti-Luisiana Road.  
I hope this blog post encouraged you to visit the enchanting falls of Luisiana.  Share this post if you find this helpful.

Posted by: Mrs. Wanderful

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