June 10, 2013

In the desert of Paoay Ilocos Norte

Paoay Sand Dunes  

     Ilocos already have it all. From heritage sites, nice beaches, good food and also a desert, yes that’s right!

http://www.wanderfulexperience.info/2013/06/in-desert-of-paoay-sand-dunes.html     Philippines is also blessed with a desert which occupies a vast area of 85 square kilometers of pure white sand going to the shoreline of the beach.  The scorching heat of the sun in the mid-afternoon makes it even more like I was in the desert when we were there, although there is a brush of wind that pass through from the coastline of the West Philippine sea that freshen the atmosphere I still feel the sweat rolling from my forehead.

     Here instead of riding on camels, you will see a 4 x 4 jeep which a tourist can hire for PHP 2,500 for one (1) hour per maximum of 5 persons, PHP 1,500 for thirty (30) minutes for 5 persons maximum. Your group can enjoy the sight while a professional driver with trail you through an up and down hill and the most exciting part of the ride is taking the jeep on the brink which will leap your heart for a moment when half of its body is like sinking but this is just part of the ride just keep your faith on the professional driver. The package also includes sand boarding where you will slide down the slope using a plank which looks like a surfboard, and this will be on your own, but the guide will teach you how to slide properly if it is your first time to do this kind of sport.   Very thrilling isn’t it?

     If you want to explore solo, there’s an ATV for rent which cost PHP 300 for 15 minutes and PHP 1,500 for an hour.

http://www.wanderfulexperience.info/2013/06/in-desert-of-paoay-sand-dunes.html     You can just enjoy strolling along the beach and relax, have some photos if you are not into this kind of extreme sports just like what we did because we have our kids with us, we will just take this challenge on another trip when they get older. 

     Paoay Sand Dune is already gaining popularity among travelers and many local and likewise foreign films had this place been included in their location shot, among these films are "Himala" by Nora Aunor, "Panday", Temptation Island and Born on the Fourth of July by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

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